April 10 – MASHUP SCREENING in SCA 112

What is a MASHUP Screening?
Its a chance to show what you’re working on – a film in progress, Thesis in progress, an animatic, or animation tests.
You can also show character designs, backgrounds illustrations, 3d models, anything you’d like to share.
If you have a completed piece, it’s helpful to see it big (not on a computer) so you can decide on further tweaks –
What will make this fun is if we get a wide variety of clip and projects – see what your fellow DADA classmates are up to.
You can simply show something or you can ask your classmates and fellow animators for specific feedback. We’re hoping to get participating from some of the undergrads as well – there are interesting projects in progress across the school and it would be wonderful to see some of this work. If you’re producing something for Rhythms+Visions you can show that as well. If also ok to try and recruit help on a project you screen.

1 – sign up on the sign up sheet which is located on the door to the third floor cubicles ASAP
2 – Put your clip(s) or folder of images here: \\hal\CTAN 522-Animation Seminar 2012 Spring\Mash-up Screening by 3pm on Wed
3 – contribute your feedback and energy in the screening! the person showing will benefit from your input
4 – it will be in SCA 112 at 6:30pm

Please email me or Miguel Jiron if you have questions – it’s only a few days away, so please consider showing something.


31 comments on “April 10 – MASHUP SCREENING in SCA 112

  1. uscanimation says:

    Please spread the word to other animation students who are not in seminar. We are in SCA 112 so we can accommodate many more people.

  2. uscanimation says:

    From my point of view, last night’s Mashup screening was very good.
    I liked the energy and I liked the care and compassion people had when offering comments and criticism of the work. It was good to get fresh student eyes on the work – what did you guys think? The fact that the discussions happened so easily made it evident to me that this is something we should be doing more often. My only regret is that I was so optimistic that we’d be able to get through all the work in one class – so my apologies if your work was not screened.
    The same way students got together to organize studio day, you could also organize screenings like this. I would be willing to help implement this if you like.

  3. Ryan Gillis says:

    My worry about last night was that in such a large critique, the collective points might not have been focused, and ultimately not helpful. But I thought last night was really beneficial. And it was exciting to see everybody’s work.
    I wish my thesis had been further along so people could have critiqued my animatic.
    I’d definitely be interested in doing it again.

  4. Erin Shea says:

    I liked this event a lot, and would really like to incorporate this kind of discussion/critique into our program more!

    Even though I didn’t screen any of my work, I learned from other peoples’ comments, and I think dedicating time to that kind of conversation would help us all make better films and projects. And we’d also get better at talking about our work in front of people who have never seen it, which is a great thing too.

    I’ve found my in-class experience here so far to be somewhat lacking in the critique sense, and I would really appreciate more feedback from my professors and peers, so thanks for giving time to exactly that.

  5. It was really cool event, I think it can be hold at the earlier semester, so that people can show their “idea” or “design”, the critiques may be more helpful for most students.

  6. linhuiwang says:

    That was a really good chance to show our work for getting the critiques. and it’s pity, the time was a limitation. 3 hours was not enough for all studuents. will there be any good ideas to improve the conditions?

  7. Tristan Dyer says:

    I think it was a good thing to do the mash up. The problem with showing work in earlier stages I think is that people assume too much or don’t understand enough to have pointed feedback. I think the work shown was at the exact perfect stage for this forum. The students getting the feedback still had time to make changes but had done enough that we understood where they were going. I don’t think showing designs would be useful for most of the audience because there is too much differentiation between someone’s intent and what they can actually execute. The forum last year was good in the way that we wrote down feedback for each person but that didn’t allow for a back and forth between the artist and the audience, which is unfortunate. The best remedy that I can think of for running out of time would be to have dedicated time slots, with priority given to seniors and MFA3’s, spread out over two weeks of seminars.

  8. I think the mashup was pretty good and I think it was very useful to get feedback on our work. We can improve future mashups by limiting the amount of time per student and scheduling things in blocks. 15 minutes would allow a good number of people to screen and get feedback. Also, moderators are great at keeping things on task.

  9. Amy Lee Ketchum says:

    Sadly, I was not able to come to seminar this night due to feeling under the weather. I did hear that some awesome work was shown and look forward to seeing the films completed.

  10. I liked the mash-up screening and the critique aspect of it. I also agree that it would be a better event to hold earlier in the semester so critique could have maximum impact. I thought some people may have gotten too long to present. Maybe the amount of time could be limited, or maybe just the amount of comments? That way, people could make sure that what they have to say is very important, since it would be the only comment that they could make while still allowing others to say their piece.

    Maybe feedback on paper could also be a useful thing to do, so that filmmakers could receive it from everyone, both positive and negative.

  11. Dustin Reno says:

    I felt it was a good environment for giving and receiving feedback, and I would love to see it continued in the future in some format. As it has been mentioned countless times above, perhaps attention to time would be an integral point to focus on as this idea moves forward?

  12. Jason Ronzani says:

    To make sure the filmmakers get the feedback they feel they need, it may be a good idea for the filmmaker to come prepared with questions for the audience and even let them know some of the issues they are having trouble with before showing the animation. After the filmmaker’s questions are answered we can open up the discussion with whatever time is left. This way the filmmakers get the feedback they are looking for along with additional input on things they may have overlooked.

  13. Ivan Sayon says:

    I like the idea of allowing a set amount of time for each presenter for the purpose of making sure everyone who signs up gets to screen their film. And about making sure comments are most effective, I like Jason’s idea of having the filmmaker coming prepared with questions so they can get what they need. If the filmmaker isn’t sure exactly what is missing in their film, open commentary would be welcome as long as it fits within the set time limit.

  14. Einar says:

    This was an excellent night. I was really happy to get some feedback on my film as well as to be able to give thoughts on others. It was great to see what people were up to. I hope more seminars like these will happen. On that note: If anyone would like to leave me additional feedback, I would love to get some replies on this thread.

    One of the biggest improvements that could be made to our department would be open critiques like these as well as further interaction between the BFAs and the MFAs. I think it is a real shame that we share different spaces because it limits our interaction but critiques like these can at least start to bridge the gap.

  15. kvalanejad says:

    I enjoyed the MashUp -especially seeing the work of the undergrads. The filmmakers who showed their work seemed to appreciate the feedback. But at 30 minutes per person, only 4 students can participate. I wonder if cutting it down to 15 minutes per person will be as effective. Perhaps MashUps should not be part of the seminars, but rather their own thing (held on another night.) As much as I enjoyed seeing the work of the undergrads, I did wonder why their work was prioritize over the Grads, considering it’s a Grad Seminar.

  16. Yang Liu says:

    Very exciting to see all colleagues’ works and I was very very impressed by the quality and creativity that all of you produced, coming from the undergrad program, I see a huge improvement and change in the senior thesis this year. I see a lot of effort is into good storytelling and performance which i think makes them a great director. I do have a small complaint though, that’s the time spent for each film. While having conversation is good, I feel like we can also let the rest of the audience to write down what they think on a small piece of paper, and then go to the next person. That way the filmmaker gets to see all the suggestions after, as well as letting all the audience to participate.
    Great show and I hope this trandition can continue!

  17. chaoqi zhang says:

    It’s a great night to show the works to all animation students and get feed back, Hope we can have more event like this in the future : )

  18. Dan Wilson says:

    It’s nice to see some work in progress from my classmates and peers. It seems like we’ve all been so caught up in our thesis work that we haven’t had time to see what others are working on. I’m glad I got to see them as the films are still coming together – tons of work has already gone into them, and I can’t wait to see how much further they go by the middle of May.

  19. Yizhou Li says:

    This was a good opportunity to know what other people think about your works so far, but when they show their work, they should be more clear about what feedback they want. I hope we do something like this again in the future!

  20. Ruthie Williams says:

    I think the mashup screening was a good idea and doing this kind of thing more often would be really beneficial. Maybe the more we hold these screenings the more students will become accustomed to the environment and can direct the discussion of their projects more.

  21. Miguel Jiron says:

    I agree with the overall sentiment that having these opening screenings/critiques is a huge benefit and something I feel this program truly needs more of. This is where a lot of the real work comes in, and sharing should be something that we are doing all the time. I thought it was a great success, but for the future I think it would be important to consider the timing of the event. This late in the semester, 2/3 of the grad program are towards the final stages of their films which means a) it is really too late to make big changes and b) it’s robs the filmmaker of having a fresh audience on the completed film. In my personal case, I felt it was too “almost there” to have a proper crit, and it would be better to finish my “thoughts in progress” before sharing it. Also there will always be an issue of time constraints, but having these crits throughout the year would alleviate the pressure of screening everything at once and go even deeper with the critiques.

  22. Caress Reeves says:

    I think this screening was a great opportunity to get feedback. Unfortunately not everyone could show their work. I also felt that it would have been more advantageous if maybe everyone was limited to giving 1-2 critiques to the director presenting. Often only a few people were giving critique and talking back and forth with each other, which I’m sure was helpful for the director but took up valuable time that could have been used by others who wanted to show their work.

    It would be great if more moderation took place on the number of comments people could make, and that maybe the screening could take place over 2 weeks. Thanks for setting this up, Mike.

  23. JavierB says:

    It nice to showcase work , but I think more time is need to really critic everyone’s work , and save the compliments for later and just stick to the facts on how to fix it.

  24. Joseph Yeh says:

    I really liked the work that I viewed on HAL; next time I won’t miss it. I heard there was some great critique!

  25. Cecilia De Jesus says:

    Mash-up screenings are a great idea for our department. I think having a bit more structure and limiting time will help. More interaction between the MFAs and BAs would be good too. We have such talented, creative undergrads, I think they have a lot to offer.

  26. lanzhujian says:

    Really excellent work and it is a great opportunity for people to take notes and great comments to improve their movie.

  27. Linda Jules says:

    I thought the mash-up screening was a great idea, and I definitely think we should have more in the future. The only thing that I would change, is to push it earlier into the semester when the filmmakers are better able to make large story/design changes to the final film. Overall, I This is something that DADA should have at least a couple of times each year.

  28. This was a great experience, I also feel it was very useful. I wonder if there was a way to implement a better time management or separate the reviews where everyone gives input but we review Undergrad and Grad work separately.

  29. Robert Calcagno says:

    I appreciate trying something like this since it actually shows work from the other parts of the department that we in the cubes don’t get as much of a look at. There’s some really talented undergrads and it was interesting to see that they’re already being ambitious with their projects just as much as the graduates are with theirs. However, it’s interesting that it also demonstrates the difference between youthful ambition and professional ambition…

    For the next one, I think it would be better to have a more structued curation of the shorts; that way everyone can get their piece. Or even a “priority” system where the ones who REALLY need advice can get theirs first while the near-completed ones can wait a bit.

  30. Yifu Zhou says:

    It’s really good having our classmates presenting their current works. We can know what are they working on through this seminar.

  31. Simo Liu says:

    It’s a really good opportunity to show our works and get feedback. It’s great to see how people’s work progress and how they think.

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