We will be screening work from the spring semester in seminar this week!

The screening will be followed by pizza and refreshments –


22 comments on “May 8 – DADA SCREENING

  1. linhuiwang says:

    Whatever, I finished.

  2. Caress Reeves says:

    I am very proud of my classmates…Everyone’s work was amazing. I’m also very happy that everyone finished!

  3. Yeah, it was a pretty amazing group of films. A few of them utterly and completely blew my mind. Also, a very inspirational show.

  4. Einar says:

    This was a fantastic night. It was great to see the production ones in particular. Exciting stuff and a pure joy to see Weisbrod’s butt spinning onscreen.

  5. Great Show! I feel closer to Josh after watching his film and I can’t wait for Linhui to finish her film.

  6. Joseph Yeh says:

    It was nice seeing some really awesome work from classmates. It is a privilege to work with such talented and skilled artists. Good Shiet.

  7. Jason Ronzani says:

    It was really cool seeing everyone’s projects go from an idea to a finished product over the course of the semester and all the changes people made from the beginning. I think after all the revisions we made, our work turned out better than our original rough ideas.

  8. Amy Lee says:

    Woot! Go Team! Awesome screening!!!

  9. Gregory Jones says:

    Great work from the first years! All those late nights really paid off.

  10. Dan Wilson says:

    I would like to respond by posting an excerpt from the greatest seminar blog post ever:

    Tonight I found myself holding a golden ticket in my hands. It was the same ticket I have held for the past several years, but before I had only known it to be placidly dull. Tonight it shimmered and glowed like never before. Why you do this, ticket? Why you sparkle bright tonight when before you were only mere matte, canary yellow?

    -Jay Kim

  11. Dustin Reno says:

    A fantastic end to the semester seeing everyone’s work. It’s incredible how much talent fits into the cubicle spaces.

  12. Tristan Dyer says:

    What a great showing. Very strong work folks!

  13. Emily Chung says:


  14. Simo Liu says:

    Great works for everybody!!! I was very enjoyed.

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